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The Plymouth MN Monument Fund is now registerd as a charity: number 1167934

Donations, however large or small, will be most welcome from individuals directly.
You can donate directly by debit and credit card or PayPal funds through PayPal's system -

An inaugural meeting was held on 25th November 2014 attended by representatives of local and national institutions connected with the Merchant Navy to consider the possibility of erecting a new monument dedicated to those who serve in, or who have served in, the British merchant fleet.

The first formal meeting of the steering committee was held on March 10th, 2015 and that committee now meets regularly to further the project.

The following was adopted as a formal “Mission Statement”:
“The objective of the project is to commission a monument to be sited on Plymouth Hoe alongside those of the armed services. It will be dedicated to all those who serve in, or who have served in, the British Merchant Navy or Fishing Fleet in times of peace and war ensuring the survival of our nation.”

Why a MN memorial?

Almost everything that those living in the UK own or use, be it food, fuel, clothing, cars, and almost every thing else, has travelled into the UK by sea either as raw material or ready manufactured.
Without any seafarers ships would not sail.
Without ships there would be no food or goods in the shops, no cars and the essentials for life would disappear.
Without ships there would be no fuel for public transport (including air travel), no fuel for the pumps that supply water or gas to our homes and no generation equipment for electricity.
Without ships there would be no medicines, no working hospitals, and few ways to maintain the country's economy.
Without seafarers no shippping

Be it in peace or war we all owe a debt to the seafarer and that is why we aspire to build this monument.

The Plymouth MN Monument Fund is now registerd as a charity: number 1167934

Why another memorial in Plymouth?

As many are aware, there already is a MN memorial in Plymouth, close to the Barbican.
This is difficult to find and quite small.
It is set into a wall across from the Mayflower Steps alongside a busy road, with narrow sloping pavements.

MN memorial, Barbican, close

MN memorial, Barbican, view

There is a conflict between those attending and the passing traffic when services are held there, such as on Merchant Navy Day and Remembrance Day.
In the past, traffic, including local bus and tour coaches, as well as business and private vehicles, has been held up for significant periods of time.

Whilst this memorial will remain in situ, the aim is to erect a monument in a location that will be easier to find, more visually appropriate and in a venue where congregations can gather safely and without hindrance to others.

What and Where?

In continuing discussions with Plymouth City Council a possible site on Plymouth Hoe has been identified.

In order to visually fit in with the present monuments on The Hoe, a monument similar in size and shape to the RAF monument that was erected to the east of other monuments and unveiled in 1989 will be most suitable.

RAF monument, Plymouth Hoe

It is envisaged that it will be erected to the west of the Sir Francis Drake monument, so creating an aesthetic balance to the existing monuments.
Proposed site, Plymouth Hoe

The view South From the proposed site is spectacular.

View south from Plymouth Hoe

For further information: Plymouth MN Monument Location Page


The aim is have the monument sculpted and erected in time for a formal dedication as part of the “Mayflowers 400” celebrations that will take place in Plymouth in 2020. With this in fund, design fundraising will take place in 2016, with construction starting in 2017.

The Committee?

The committee members represent a broad cross section of the maritime community associated with both local and national bodies, including, amongst others, The Merchant Navy Association, Plymouth & SW Merchant Seafarers Association, Seafarers UK, The Nautical Institute, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, The South West Company of Mariners, the Watch Ashore, RFA Association and Plymouth University.

The committee communicates with many other interested parties, such as fishermen, local Harbourmasters, RNLI and the Royal Navy as well as Plymouth City Council.

The Committee is chaired by Vivien Foster, National President of the Merchant Navy Association who lives in the South West.


The committee has, after consultations and taking advice, set a fundraising target figure of £150,000
For further information, go to the Plymouth MN Monument Finance Page


A folded A4 flyer is available:

MN Monument flyer, front page

MN Monument flyer, reverse page

If you wish to distribute some of these, please get in touch.

How can I Contribute?

Donations have already started to be received.

Fundraising will be multi faceted and maritime companies and organisations will be approached.

It is planned to use the Internet Crowdfunding platform later in 2016 and also set up a facility on “Just Giving” or similar.

As we are now a registerd charity we are able to benefit from Gift Aid in respect of donations from UK tax payers.
This has the efeect effect of aboosting any such donation by 25p for every £1 so donated.

Donations, however large or small, will be most welcome from individuals directly.
For further information and a Gift Aid form to download and complete, please go to the Plymouth MN Monument Finance Page

Or you can donate directly through PayPal's system -

Local Awareness?

We were able to hold a street collection in Plymouth City centre on Merchant Navy Day, 3rd September 2016, despite the torrential rain over £500 was raised
Other similar fund raising events around Plymouth are planned for the future

The Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB) were able to set up an small display for a few days recently in Devonport Library
This dosplay was manned by members and colleagues from the Plymouth MN Monument Committee.

Whilst this has now been taken down, it is planned to have a bigger display at other venues around the city in the future

library display1

library display2

library display3

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