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It is anticipated that the new Plymouth Merchant Navy Monument will be erected on Plymouth Hoe.
The Merchant Navy are holders of the “Freedom” of the City of Plymouth.

Discussions have already taken place with Plymouth City Council who is the land owner, and the suggested site is to the west of the Armada Monument,
on a line between the RN War Memorial and Smeatons Tower.
This will provide balance with the RAF Memorial on the east side of the Armada Monument.

Plymouth Hoe, proposed site

The font of the Memorial would face south, looking out over Plymouth Sound, across the breakwater, to the Eddystone Lighthouse.

View south from Plymouth Hoe

It seems that a statue on a plinth would be appropriate in order to “balance” the line of memorials and monuments that are already in place along the Hoe, south of the Royal Naval War Memorial.

The monument on the eastern end of this line is the RAF and Allied AirForce Monument, erected in 1989.

RAF and Allied AirForce Monument, Plymouth Hoe

The actual statue design is being based on a sculpture by William (Bill) Thomas Favata (who was a seamanship lecturer at Plymouth School of Maritime Studies) is presently in the care of Plymouth University.

Bill Favata's sculpture..Bill Favata's sculpture

Whilst this is only small, the sculptor’s widow, Frances May Favata, herself a sculptor, has indicated her willingness for a large size statue to be commissioned based on its design, with both herself and the University waiving any claim to copyright.

Some design changes have been discussed to “generalise” the seafarer.
The sculptor Stephen Melton, from Ramsgate, has been commisioned for the work

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